Transforming Breast Cancer Screening

Through the WISDOM Study, Edith Sanford Breast Center is working to identify the right way to screen women for breast cancer.

Scheduling mammograms can be confusing. Guidelines change, leaving many women unsure when to begin screenings or how often they need one.

The WISDOM Study hopes to transform breast cancer screenings by identifying the most effective screening protocols for women at every stage of life.

Who Can Join the WISDOM Study?

Any woman between the ages of 40 and 74 who hasn’t had breast cancer can participate.

What Can I Expect if I Join?

Participants will join one of two groups to receive either annual or personalized screenings. You can choose to be randomly placed into a group or you can select one. Patients in both groups receive the highest quality of care.

Learn more about the WISDOM process in the video below.

How to Sign Up

You can join the WISDOM Study online at your convenience.

Tell us about yourself to confirm your eligibility. You’ll fill out a consent form and an additional online survey.

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To Learn More

Call 1-87-SURVIVAL with any questions or concerns. State you’re calling about the WISDOM Study.

To reach the WISDOM Study team, contact us at (855) 729-2844 or info@wisdomstudy.org.


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