Fertility Preservation

Planning for Children After Cancer

When diagnosed with cancer, starting treatment as soon as possible is often priority. However, some cancers and most cancer therapies can affect fertility due to healthy cells being damaged during radiation and chemotherapy. Today, there are several options available to help preserve fertility before and during breast cancer therapy.

Preserving fertility

Now more than ever you have the opportunity to consider having a family after cancer. Oncofertility is a new specialty that brings together the latest in cancer and reproductive medicine to address fertility in cancer patients. Your physician can refer you to a specialist who may:

  • Extract, preserve and freeze healthy ovarian cells for use after your cancer
  • Physically move your ovaries into another area in the abdomen and then return them to their proper place following treatment
  • Use a newer and experimental option to remove ovarian tissue from the body, preserve it and transplant it back into the body after cancer

To learn more, visit our Oncofertility page.