Preventing & Treating Breast Cancer

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Schedule Your Mammogram

A mammogram is a prevention tool that can find breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. Protect your breast health and schedule a screening.


From the moment you’re diagnosed, you’re a survivor. At the Edith Sanford Breast Center, we support you at every step – including beyond treatment.

Refer a Patient

When your patients need us, we become a part of your team. Our referral center will connect your patient to the right specialist for their needs.

Why Choose Edith Sanford Breast Center?

This is the Edith Sanford Breast Center. A place anyone can turn to for a compassionate, personalized experience. Established through a generous $100 million gift, the Edith Sanford Breast Center is revolutionizing breast cancer care and research. We use the most advanced training and technology to tailor your care to your genetics and cancer type.

Our surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, nurses and other breast specialists become your partners, guides and support. We’re with you through it all – from prevention and screenings to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Learn what to expect after a breast cancer diagnosis.

This is where your strength meets our science. Where your courage meets our compassion. And where your hope meets our healing.