Embracing Your Breast Cancer Journey

From the moment you’re diagnosed, you’re a survivor. At the Edith Sanford Breast Center, we support you at every step – including beyond treatment.

You’ll connect with others affected by cancer and access programs and services personalized to your needs.

Breast cancer survivorship 101: Get answers to frequently asked questions.

Caring for the Whole You

Our support services guide you and your family as you adjust to the changes that come with breast cancer.

We empower survivors with:

Physical support

Mental support

Emotional support

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Retreats and support groups
  • Spiritual counseling and consulting
  • Support groups for caregivers

Your Survivorship Plan

You’ll get a personalized survivorship plan that gives you a clear understanding of your cancer journey. Your plan will include a summary of your treatment plan, follow-up care, health maintenance needs, support services and integrative health appointments.

Not sure where to start? Call (855) 353-3484 to explore your survivorship resources.

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