Medical Oncology / Chemotherapy

Specialized Breast Treatment

You have many choices when it comes to treating cancer. Our oncology team takes your case seriously and dedicates all resources to helping you overcome breast cancer. Medical oncology uses four main cancer therapies to treat the disease. Some therapies use medication, while others directly target the tumor cells. These include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy.

  • Chemotherapy is a medicine used to destroy cancer cells. It can kill, slow down the growth of cancer cells and help with your symptoms.
  • Targeted therapy looks for a "target" on a cancer cell. Medicine attaches to the target and interferes with the growth of a cancer cell without causing harm to your healthy cells.
  • Immunotherapy works with your immune system. This medicine boosts your body's own defenses to help beat cancer.
  • Hormonal therapy is used to block or remove hormones that feed some breast cancers to slow or kill the cancer cells.

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