Radiation Therapy

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More than half of all cancer cases utilize radiation therapy as a part of treatment. The decision to use radiation will be something you and your doctor discuss together. Every cancer case is different, and if or when you receive radiation therapy depends on a number of factors.

At Edith Sanford Breast Center, our board-certified team of radiation oncologists provide a full range of advanced radiation therapies to our breast cancer patients. A high dose of radiation is used to kill, shrink or slow the growth of cancer cells. This takes weeks or months of treatment, but after these cancer cells are destroyed, the body is able to rid itself of the cancer in many cases.

Radiation therapy may be administered internally or externally, and some patients are treated with both. For treatment, you’ll go to a hospital or clinic, and each treatment session lasts only a few minutes. External radiation is the most common type used for breast cancer. Advances in technology allow for radiation to be given in such a precise stream that there is minimal effect on surrounding healthy tissue and cells.

How radiation is given depends on the type, stage and location of the tumor as well as doctor and patient preference. Radiation therapy may also be combined with other treatment options including chemotherapy and surgery.

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