An In-Depth Look at Your Breast

Radiologists at Edith Sanford Breast Center use a breast ultrasound to evaluate breast health, usually after you have completed a mammogram, breast MRI or clinical breast exam. This safe and painless procedure uses sound wave technology, or sonography, to create images of your breast tissue.

Gel is applied to the area, and a small, handheld device is moved across your skin to examine the area of concern. The device emits sound waves that bounce back and are turned into an image of your breast in real time. From these images, our experts can see blood flow, the internal structure of your breast and any irregularities that may be present.

An ultrasound helps your radiologist distinguish between normal findings and suspicious changes that may require a biopsy. It can reveal whether a lump is solid, fluid-filled or both, and it can be used to examine the lymph nodes under the arm for signs of cancer.

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